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Remodeling Vs Building A New Home ?

Should i tear this house down and build a new one or should i remodel it ? is a question many homeowners ask themselves when they reach a point where they want an upgrade. It’s not an easy question and homeowners need to do their research before investing in either of the two options. You can ask yourself the following questions to determine whether you should tear down the whole house or simply remodel it.

What is your budget ?

The first question you need to answer is whether you have the budget to completely build a new home. Building a new house means that everything will have to be redone and completely replaced, so if your budget is not high enough you might end up getting stuck with an unfinished project. Remodeling on the other hand can be done in stages, you can remodel the kitchen and then wait a few months before you remodel the bathroom or living room.

What is The  Historical Significance ?

The historical significance of your house should also be considered when making the decision to rebuild or remodel. Whether your great grandfather built the house by hand or the materials and design used to build are what gives the house it’s above average house value should be considered. Rebuilding a house only to have it lose half of it’s value is not wise, but remodeling it by steadily modernizing will indeed make it more beautiful and add value to the house.

What is The Condition of the House ?

The general condition of the house is also important when deciding whether to tear it down and rebuild or remodeling. If the foundation of the house is compromised, the walls are damaged and the roof can’t be fixed then it’s a good idea to rebuild the house instead of remodeling it.

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